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I am a storyteller, or at least I would like to be one. I think that stories are the language of the soul. When we tell people our stories we are sharing a bit of our heart and when we sit and listen to the stories of others we are connecting on an intimate level. I think stories are the only way that we are going to lead a generation of people raised on technology to a relationship with God.

That is why I love the Moth podcast. I had never heard of The Moth before their podcast bubbled up to the top of the iTunes chart. I downloaded it for a trip because I just needed something to fill up time. I was blown away by what I found.

The Moth podcast is “real stories told live without notes.” Sometimes they are a little vulgar. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are powerful, but they are always real and you always come away knowing a little something more about the people who are speaking.

I have said it before, but stories are essential in ministry. We must be sharing our story and encouraging our students to share their stories with us. That is how we can connect. So if you are looking for some ideas and inspiration when it comes to sharing your story check out The Moth.

One thought on “The Moth Podcast

  • March 6, 2009 at 3:31 AM


    I hadn’t discovered this podcast yet, but I went and checked it out. Couldn’t help but notice that it shared some of the same storytellers as This American Life, such as Jack Hitt and Mike Birbiglia. I’ll be checking it out, and I also highly recommend the This American Life podcast to your readers for great stories.


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