The Office

Tonight’s the office was good. I always like it when people other than Steve Carell have some screen time. I can’t handle that guy. I think he is constantly overacting. But I do think that the secretary is about the cutest person on TV right now.

7 thoughts on “The Office

  1. -B says:

    Now, let’s just see here. Steve Carell is occasionally funny, constantly overacting, makes a big deal out of absolutely everything, and is probably annoying to about 75% of the people who see him. Who does that remind me of? (I wouldn’t like having to look at myself in a mirror for a half hour straight, either, man.)

  2. WJL says:

    Steve Carell is the bomb.

  3. Andy Crouch says:

    Ouch -B, that’s gonna sting a little.

    One another note…’WJL’….I know exactly one person with those initials…..most people probably just know his brother though.

  4. The Average Youth Minister says:

    -B, my wife says that you have to stop being mean to me or she will ban you from the blog. I would fight with her on this, but she is pregnant which means she wins.

    I say that I may be annoying, but I am more than "occasionally" funny. That is what really hurts.
    (come on, that was damn funny)

  5. Andrew says:

    OK, this is kinda off topic. Regarding the autistic basketball team manager from NY, did that video remind anyone of WJL at practice? I read that that kid has already sold the rights to the movie.

    "B, play that song and I’ll put on a show you’ll never forget" – WJL

  6. -B says:

    Seriously, that wasn’t meant to be (excessively) mean. I really do see some similarities between you and Mr. Carell, and just find it kinda funny that you think he’s so annoying. I could so see him sticking quarters in his belly button or making that fart noise with the small of his back on the concrete beside a pool during an episode.

    As for your pregnant wife, it’s a shame she had to get that way before you’d ever let her win a fight. Although I remember seeing you fight some kid in middle school, and I bet she could take you, pregnant or not. (Andrew – need a little help remembering who the fight was with. I’m thinking Derek Rice, maybe?)

  7. Andrew says:

    No clue -B….but I’d be excited to find out. It doesn’t have anything to do with Coach Counts bustin’ out the whoopin’ stick does it?

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