The Parent Game

We are talking about being Wise and not Foolish on Wednesday nights. Last week we were talking about things that are a “no, no”. I couldn’t stop thinking of Nathan and how many times a day I say those 2 words. So I made up a game for the youth to play inspired by Nathan. It goes like this:

The Set-Up

  • Round table
  • 8  old (and worthless) CD’s  arranged around the table
  • Group in a big circle around the round table (group size probably no more than 25)
  • Ask group to hold hands and the back out as far as they can around the table
  • Take a rope and give part of it to each person to hold
  • This will make a large rope circle. Once the circle is complete have players place the rope on the ground. This creates the outer boundary

The Game Play

  •  Choose 2 players to be the “parents” their job is to protect the “DVD’s” from the children who want to take them (so they can in Nathan’s words watch a “show”)
  • On your signal players arranged around the circle must run in and attempt to steal the CDs.
  • Parents attempt to guard the CDs by tagging players
  • Any player who is tagged must go back an sit outside of the rope until the end of the round
  • If the player makes it back outside of the rope with a CD they are safe.
  • Parents must prioritize and work together or the round will be over very quickly.
  • Once everyone is tagged out the parents win
  • Once all of the CDs are taken the players win
  • Play several rounds with different parents.

This game is very frantic. The first couple of rounds the players will win very easily (especially with a large group) but as the parents learn to work together and prioritize they should be able to hold their own.

One of the cool things I saw about the game was that in order to win sometimes you had to let some of the CDs go. You had to pick your battles and stop the people you could stop and protect what you could protect. It was almost like real parenting. But with that angle it would also work as a kick-start to a lesson on priorities.

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