The Perfect Cast

Alright so I am sitting out at the park and there is a little girl here with a fishing pole. It is obviously a little kids pole, but it is still longer than this littler 3 year old is tall. It has a reel on it, the kind that you have to push the button to let the string out and her father has been sitting some ways from the water casting it in. Now it is her turn so she walks over towards the waters edge and begins to try casting her “bait” into the water. At the end of the string there is a large yellow lure looking thing that obviously doesn’t have a hook because if it did she would be screaming with a hook stuck in her back or her arm or her hand or one of the other 20 or so places that she smacks with her lure. Instead of crying she is happily trying to get the lure to go into the water. She repeatedly takes the rod and reel back over her head and repeatedly flings it forward with all of her might. But every time she takes her finger off the button too quickly and the lure lands behind her on the ground, or bounces off her back or legs or head.

Now the lure is stuck on the end and won’t come out at all. (I don’t think she has pushed the button) She is shaking the lure up and down with all her might. The rod is bending and flexing and the little yellow lure is bouncing up and down, but it won’t come off the end. She drops the reel on the ground and takes the end of the rod and tries to pull the lure free, but it won’t come. Now she is back to shaking the rod putting her whole body into the effort. Finally, quite accidentally, her body has hit the button and the lure has hit the ground. She immediately drops the rod and reel and walks over to the lure picks it up and throws it with all of her 3 year old might into the water. Now she is sitting with the reel in her hand waiting for her fish.

I know the lure doesn’t have any hooks, but I would pay money to see her catch a fish.

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