The Pluto Files and Why Netflix hates me

I have set up an old computer as a Netflix/Hulu box to sit beside my desk. I used to have a TV sitting here, but I moved it back into my bedroom. I didn’t foresee the change from cable TV to Netflix causing me problems, but it does.

Late night television isn’t very good, so I got into the habit of having something on the television for background noise and tuning it out while I worked. Now I want some sort of noise in the background so I like turning on Netflix, but the problem is that I am picking what I want to watch with Netflix. This means that it isn’t just “something that is on” but “something I want to watch.” And that distinction means that I stop what I am doing more often and watch the shows. Which also means that lately I haven’t been watching anything.

Tonight the show that caught my attention was an old Nova documentary on how Pluto lost planetary status. It is fun and informative. I have such a soft spot for documentaries. Now I just need to find some time to watch them that doesn’t keep me from working.

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