The Producers

I can’t stop singing "It’s springtime for Hitler and Germany." If you go and watch this movie you will understand what I am saying. Meredith and I went to see The Producers tonight and it was pretty cool. I really kept feeling the whole time that it would be great to get to see it actually performed on stage. Some Broadway shows to movies (Chicago, and if you wanna go old school A Chorus Line) play well in movies, but there were parts of this show that really need to coolness of the stage to shine.

With that said, the first half of this movie is very funny. It is a little bawdy at times, but a line of dancing walker wielding horny grannies is so funny that I almost cried. Of course Nathan Lane overacts, and his 2 solos were the low part of the film, but I had fun watching this movie. Meredith didn’t enjoy it as much as me, but she even laughed at Will Ferrel.

So am I the only person who has watched this movie? Let me know what you think.  

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