The Retirement of Brett Farve

I don’t know if you caught the press conference that Farve gave about his retirement. It was an emotional scene. As I listened to it again on the PTI podcast I kept thinking, “This is why we love this guy.” Sure he is a great quarterback. Sure he never missed a start. But the reason why we loved him was because he just always seemed real, and always seemed like one of us.

Watching professional sports today it is hard to find people who still play because they love the game. There are people playing for respect, people playing for fame, lots of people playing for money, but very few of them playing for fun. The game has become a job, a tool, a way to a better life.

But Farve always looked like he loved to play. He always looked like I think most of us would look if we were allowed to walk out onto the Frozen Tundra and play football.

Listening to his speech I came away with 2 interesting things:

1) He was walking away not because he couldn’t play, but because it would be like a job for him to come back. How cool is that. He realized that he had lost his passion for the game and it would be a grind so he was walking away. How many pastors do you know who have lost their passion for ministry, but who keep slogging through because it is all that they know to do?

2) Farve said that he hoped the the Packers felt like all of the money that they spent on him was money well spent. Here is a man who after all of the fame, all of the success, is still struggling with feeling inadequate. That sentiment resonated with me. I find myself often worried that people won’t think I am worth what they are paying me. It was cool to hear someone else talk about the same idea.

I guess that is about all. No big theological ideas, just a great football player walking away from the game.  

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