The Revolution is Over

We finished our Revolution Bible study tonight with Don McLean’s "American Pie". I played the whole song. At about the 6 minute mark I wished I had edited it, but what are you going to do. It was a trip sitting in church listening to 30 some odd people singing "and good old boys are drinking whiskey and rye…".

I talked about how many people feel like the church no longer had a place in the world. I wanted them to see that whatever the problem, Jesus is the answer, not in some clichéd church way, but in a deep practical way, but I don’t think any of them really believed me. I mean they think that they believe, but their lives don’t show that they do. It is one thing to say that Jesus is the answer it is another thing to stop chasing after what their friends are chasing after.

Of course this isn’t just a teenager thing, it is an all of us thing. 

3 thoughts on “The Revolution is Over

  • November 3, 2006 at 2:59 AM

    American Pie is one of only three songs for which I’ve memorized the lyrics. I would love to know what the lesson was, and how you tied in Don MacLean’s masterwork.

    You amaze me sometimes with the stuff you do with your youth. And, I gotta tell you – when you say that you think they believe, but their lives don’t show it? Trust me – they get it – and they ‘get’ you too. Years from now they’ll talk about what an important influence you were in their life, and it will completely blow you away.

  • November 3, 2006 at 10:04 PM

    I want to get all of the lessons up here, but the basic theme was about relevance. I said that American Pie was talking about a more "innocent" time and then used that to transition into how our world seemed to like Christianity a few years ago, but now we have "moved on." The we talked about how God is still relevant to the world today.

  • November 3, 2006 at 10:26 PM

    I work with college students teaching voice in the theatre department. The most frustrating obstacle in the learning process is getting them to understand that to become better they need to work at it daily, and it takes time to develop as an artist. They want to instantly become a better singer..or actor. I also am involved with the AA program….and alcoholics want to get sober, however the ones who usually don’t make it are the ones who don’t work a program. My point? I think our society in general wants a quick fix. We want to believe in Jesus, in God, only if it doesn’t involve change, sacrifice, or work….but to stay in relationship, to develop into the fabulous person that God has called each of us to be takes time, it takes practice, it takes working a program …..daily. I don’t give up on my students ..ever. I am constantly stretching them and encouraging them. I applaud what you are doing with your program. Don’t get discouraged! Keep working your program, and realize that God is bigger, is better, is greater then anything we could imagine! (sorry to sound preachy…it was something I needed to hear at this moment – I was having a rough day)


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