The Right Search Term

Yesterday I wanted a list of all of the poetry in the Bible. I knew about the books of poetry, but I wanted to find the poems that are in the other books too. I also wanted to find some of the hymns and such too. Basically I was looking for all of the places where the modern translations indent to make it look like a poem. 

OK, so here was the problem, I couldn’t figure out exactly how to search fo that stuff. I have Logos Bible version 6 and I was pretty sure that there was something in that program that could search for poems, but for the life of me I couldn’t thin of how to look for it. I also couldn’t figure out how to find what I was looking for on google. 

After floundering around a bit I figured out that what I was wanting to search for was literary types and that I could do for those. 

What it made me realize was that in this world of lots of information it is vital to know how to look for the answers. 

I have said many times if my son (who is 10) is taught high school the same way that I was then someone isn’t doing their job. There is no reason for him to memorize vast stores of dates and facts. Instead what he will need in this world of information is a general guideline of events or ideas and then the skills to know how to go and look for the right information. 

He needs to be taught the right search terms. 

As church leaders and youth pastors I think our role in teaching the Bible needs to evolve as well. It is more important for us to teach students were to go find the answers than it is to try to stuff them full of facts. We need to be teaching them the right way to go and discover truth. It is much harder to teach that way, but it’s a whole new world out there and we need to teach accordingly. 

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