The Saga Continues

Alright so today we were all gathered out at the apartment complex waiting for the manager to arrive and give us permission to have our BYBC. 9 o’clock rolls around and she doesn’t show up. The guys are now entertaining themselves making bizarre balloon animals and the girls in the van and the girls are play GO FISH in one girl’s truck. At 9:20 I decide that I am tired of waiting and walk to see if maybe I missed the manager. The door was still locked so I asked the lady sitting next door about the manager. I was informed that the manager doesn’t even come in on Tuesdays.

So we packed up our stuff and went to the church. Once there I made the 4th flyer about out Back Yard Bible Club, broke into teams of 3 and headed out into the neighborhood to attract some children.

It wasn’t long before one guy came back with 2 little kids in tow. Eventually we ended up with 5 children and promises of more to come tomorrow. We only had our little meeting for an hour today, but it was a good day complete with games, singing, and Bible stories. I don’t know how we are going to make it for the whole 2 and a half hours that we have to fill tomorrow.

This has been a crazy experience for me. I messed up and so I have made my teenagers adjust and do a ton of new things. But they have handled it in stride without any complaints. Also I do have a deep desire to reach out to our community and this BYBC may be a good way to start. I honestly never thought we would be able to get kids to come and hang out with us. The few that we had today was a big eye opener. So maybe all of the craziness was just God’s way of getting me to where he wanted me to be all along.  

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