The Smell of VBS

Do you ever wonder why some smells take you places you never imagined? I was painting a plastic trash can lid to make it look like a shield (you know just the standard youth pastor afternoon) and when I went to bring it in after letting it dry in the sun I was overwhelmed by memories of VBS. Not VBS as I know it now, with screaming kids and a Friday that won’t ever come, but VBS as it was back when I was a kid and not a worker, back when it was amazing that you got to come to church every morning and play games and do crafts. For some reason every craft I can remember involved waiting for some paint to dry out in the sun and the Krylon plastic bonding paint brought back all of those memories. It made me almost excited about VBS.

So I need to make sure I can smell that everyday and maybe this year I won’t maim a kid.

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