The story of the FALL

Our youth group is on a journey “storying” our way through the Bible. I am using the really great story set from It has been a very liberating couple of weeks. Here are some of my observations.

  • This is how I was created to teach. I like to preach, and have fun doing it, but I am a storyteller/discussion leader at heart.
  • I also learn best in group discussion. This was always true in college. There were classes where the teacher wanted to just lecture that I would interrupt with questions because to be engaged I needed to be discussing. (my classmates didn’t like me)
  • Because I am using prepared stories and because I know what comes next preparation time can be spent on prayer and focusing as apposed to finding a good game or illustration.
  • There are some students who really love this style of teaching. They are engaged and involved.
  • There are some students who are still a little confused about a teaching style that requires this much of them, but they are trying.
  • Then there are some students who just would rather talk to their friends and this teach style is terrible for them because it forces them to be involved in the group rather than in their own world (which is exactly why I like it)

My favorite part of these stories so far has been asking students what they noticed about the story for the first time. One student said, “I never realized that part of the punishment was that men and women would have relationship issues.” Later when we were talking about God making animal skin clothes for them I asked, “What does it mean that their clothes were from animal skins” After some discussion students said, “That an animal had to die.” When I made the observation that because of sin someone had to die to cover it suddenly half a dozen students went “O, that’s like…” It was pretty cool, even though I didn’t really run down that path because we are trying to take these stories as they come.

That has been the most eye opening thing for me. I have been trying to look at the story of the Bible as if God is telling me about himself for the first time and here is how he decided to do it. It is neat to look at Genesis 3 without more a more Old Testament idea of God. To see Him walking with his people and to get a new glimpse of His heart as He lays down His punishment.

Well, in case you can’t tell, I am really having fun with this series.

One thought on “The story of the FALL

  • October 1, 2009 at 9:15 PM

    Thanks for recommending this — I’m adapting it for our senior high sunday school, since I’ve been floundering for something interesting and engaging for that sleepy-time hour. I have to figure out how to break up the lessons into smaller segments, since I only get 45 minutes per class, but the Bible overview story went fairly well.

    I tried something related to this to kick it off — I asked the first teen who came in to tell me a story, any story. We listened, then I asked someone to try to retell it as closely as possible, and to discuss what they got from the story. We then moved on to oral tradition and how the Bible was passed down by meticulous storytelling techniques. I think that engaged them.


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