The Truth about Attendance

I don’t think I will ever understand youth ministry. So we go to camp and there are like 4 youth who choose to surrender their life to God, and that is cool. Then we come back and everyone runs off on family vacations and the like and we have VBS and I’m burned out and it is almost like we didn’t get the bump from camp that I expected and that’s not cool. I mean last week we had like 15 people at church and the band left after they played (that is a whole different blog entry).

So this week we are going to Blue Springs (a local state park) for a worship time and a mini service project (we are giving away water) and I thought we would talk about creation tonight as a sort of warm up. So I did the worship outline from my book about creation.

I had these big ideas to set up my new lights and then I wanted to project the creation video on a sheet behind me so I had some teenagers come and help me get things set up. I didn’t really have any huge ideas, I just wanted to be able to change the lighting in places. (If you are meeting like me in a room that just has fluorescent lights you know how hard it is to change the mood of the room) So setting up the lights and a sheet blossomed into a 4 hour set up session with 4 youth helping.

As they were setting up the chairs I actually said, “35 chairs will be enough, there is no way we will have more than 35 people here.” I also took the time to place under their seats several things that they would need throughout the nigh (play-doh, paper, a feather). So of course we had 40 people show up. So not only do I have to get them chairs I have o find extra stuff for them. And it wasn’t like they were all there at the same time, no, there were stragglers that came in for about 10 minutes after we had moved downstairs (which is actually 40 minutes late, but that again is a different entry)

So like I said, I will never understand youth ministry, except I know this rule to be true. If you plan things that will really only work in a large group of people you will have 5 people there. If you plan something that would be a better fit in a small and intimate setting you will have enough people to fill a football stadium. It is just a fact of youth ministry.

Other than the craziness of numbers things seemed to work well tonight. Everything went OK, but I don’t know if we ever actually reached “worship.” If you can understand what I mean. It was all a positive time, but somehow something seemed to be missing, or maybe I was just the one who was missing out.

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