The Whispered Assurances of God

Last night we had a thunderstorm here in Eufaula. It was the first time that I have seen Nathan actually scared because of the thunder. Of course that could be because we were outside and apparently the lightning was very close because the flash and the sound were on top of each other. I was holding him watching the rain and when the sound came he jumped and acted like he was about to cry.

I held him close and told him that everything was going to be alright and in a moment or two he was looking at the rain again. But over the course of the night every time I saw the lightning I would start to whisper to him. "It’s alright, Daddy’s right here." I would do that until the thunder came. He never got scared from the thunder again.

I know in my own life there are many times when I have began to hear the whispers of God saying "I’m right here" and then something come in my life that I needed to know that. God whispers his assurances to me and when the hard times come I find that I can make it through because I know he is there.

Every day with Nathan I learn something new about me and God.  

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