Then it’s on me too.

There is this place in the movie Rounders where Worm is in lots of debt so Mike goes with him to talk to the guy who loaned him the money. Before they go in Mike says “let me do the talking” and throughout most of the conversation things are going well. They have the dude (I think his name is Gramma or something like that) ready to give Worm some grace and then Gramma begins to goad Worm. He looks at Worm and tries to make him mad. 

And you know what it works. 

Worm can’t handle the words and tries to start a fight. So Mike has to step in and stop Worm from getting beat up and eventually Mike has to vouch for Worm with the wonderful line “The it’s on me too” which means that Mike has to pay off Worm’s debts. When they leave Mike is frustrated and says something like, “all you had to do was keep your mouth shut.”

When it comes to this election I really feel like republicans are Mike and Donald Trump is Worm. Yesterday he comes out with some actual conservative ideals and a concrete plan and people are like, “Hey, maybe we can get behind this guy!” And then the news story today is Trump telling people that if Hillary gets elected maybe some pro second amendment people would know how to handle that situation. Even if it is a joke you can just hear the collective groan from republicans everywhere thinking “all you had to do was keep your mouth shut!”

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