Things I Notice — Things I wish

I often notice the little things in the way a teenager is acting that give away what they are really feeling. I see someone being aggressive and putting someone else quickly down and I wish I could stop the conversation and say, “Hey, I know that you feel a little threatened in this room because you don’t really feel like any of these people like you, but they do like you and if you would calm down, relax, and stop trying to push them away before they can push you away you may find them to be your friends.” I wish I could say stuff like that, but it just wouldn’t work in the heat of the moment.

I also wish I could notice the same things about my own actions–or at least notice them all the time. There are times when I am lashing out or I am being snippy or maybe too talkative that I know it is because I haven’t slept or that I feel like I am being blamed for something or that I am in over my head. But most of the things that I do I am blind too. So I wish I could see my own messed up attitudes the way I see them in others.

 Lord, let me see others the way that you see them and show them your love.

Lord, let me see me the way that you see me and be amazed by your love.

Lord, let me see you as you are and stand in awe.

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