This Job is Frustrating

Alright so it isn’t supposed to be a job, it is supposed to be a calling and all of that jazz, but whatever you want to call it sometimes it is just frustrating. I think I am going to start charging a fee for coming to youth group and then having a special group that I call "All-Stars" that is separate from the rest of the group. Maybe then I could get some commitment.

How crazy is it that parents force their children to go to several hours of baseball and softball practice every night because there is a tournament coming up, but those same parents "let their kids decide" about coming to church. But the whole "why obsession with little league sports is killing our children" argument is really something for a later entry. Tonight I am back to the whole frustrated thing.

I have maybe 4 students who actually understand that what we are doing is important, that we have a mission to take the love of God to our city and to the world and they have a part to play in that. The rest of them are just there because their friends are there or because they are being made to be there. Then there is the large group of people who just sort of roll in once a month or so and then roll back out again. How are we ever supposed to build anything without some sort of consistency.

(by the way tonight is one of those nights when I wish my church didn’t read my blog)

Here is what goes on. I spend all of the free time that I have trying to do stuff with student. I had people over at my house on Monday and there is a group of guys that seem to suck up every last moment of non-baby non-work time that I have. But the people who were at my house on Monday didn’t come to church tonight, and no matter how much I kill myself trying to do something with the others they are always begging for more. I love that students want to hang out with me, but I can’t seem to get them to understand that what I do takes actual work. If I hear "we need to _______________" one more time I think I am going to strangle someone! 

And please, if at all possible, when you bring a friend to church at least try to act like what I am saying and doing is important. I mean if you aren’t going to pay attention then why even come.

2 thoughts on “This Job is Frustrating

  • July 7, 2006 at 2:12 PM

    Amen! Someone voiced my same frustration. These same parents then will come to me and wonder why they are having such problems.
    I’m all for sports but they don’t prepare these kids to face the world and the challenges ahead.
    But I also know that messed up proprieties are not just a problem area in the youth dept.
    If you have a core of committed kids that come then I’m learning to put alot of energy in the ones that God has given me to disciple. I’m also learning that in order to survive this calling/job I have to have boundaries or eles you suffer burn out and your family suffers. Got to learn to say NO or "hey that’s a great idea, why don’t YOU head that up!"

  • July 9, 2006 at 7:06 PM

    Thanks so much for saying what i wish i could say, but have to pay the bills so I won’t say it! I always enjoy reading your thoughts and I do pray that God will continue to bless your ministry.


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