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I was reading an article on time management today. (I know your greatest desire it to know what I am reading every day) Anyway, I wanted to give my own time management tips. It seems like most time manager people are very organized and very anal and the stuff that they tell you to do just isn’t possible. So for all of you youth pastors out there here is my time management tip for scatter brained, short attention span, lazy people like me.

If you are like me it is hard to differentiate between when you are working and when you aren’t. I end up working at all times during the day, sometimes in my office and sometimes at home. Because of this I used to feel guilty all of the time when I wasn’t working because there were always things that needed to get done. I envied my wife who at 5 o’clock got to come home and forget about work until the next morning. So I came up with a system. And here it is: my one time management tip that has freed up my nights and really helped me to get more accomplished with less stress.

Shane’s Time Management Tip:


Alright I know that sounds simple, but let me explain. I used to make a “to do” list of all of the things that needed to get done in a week. The list would contain all of the things that needed to be done for a whole variety of things. So each day I would work on a few of the things, but I couldn’t really stop working because there were still things on my list.

Now I take that week long list a step further and break down what needs to get finished each day of the week for me to have everything done on time. I know that have some attention issues so I normally don’t work on just one thing until it is finished. Instead I break down each project into pieces that I know I can complete in a day. I have learned that I don’t like to do the same thing for 4 hours even if it means it will be done. I would much rather do a little of each thing every day. So that is why the daily list helps me so much.

The amazing thing is that since I have been doing this I am getting more done and I have far less stress because I can complete my list and the put work aside until the next day. It really is nice.

The only problem with this is when something comes up and I can’t get to my daily list. If I have to run to Dothan to see someone in the hospital or I end up working on other people’s projects it can throw my whole week off.

I know this idea is simple, but it took me 30 years to figure it out. I hope it can help some of you figure it out a little faster than me.

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