To me Jesus is…

This is pretty simple, but I will throw it out here for you. Pass out index cards and pens to each person in your group. Instruct students to complete the following sentence on their card “to me Jesus is…” You may want to say something like this:

“Complete this sentence in any way you choose. You can choose something as simple as ‘the Son of God’ or ‘My Savior’ or you can complete it in some way that is specific to you. Above all else write something that is honest. If you want to write ‘a fraud’ or ‘just someone made up by Christians’ than feel free to write that too. The amazing thing about God is that He is big enough to take your doubts and questions and worship must begin and end with honesty.”

Be sure you tell students to leave some space on the card from for other people to write.

Once everyone has written their sentence instruct students to pass their card to a someone else. Have students write the sentence from their own card on this second card. (the card should now have 2 separate conclusions to our sentence above) Once this is complete have them trade cards again. Instruct them not to get a card that the have previously written on. Once they have written their sentence on this third card have them trade cards a third time–once again taking a card that they haven’t written on yet.

Now each person should have a card with 3 answers to the sentence “To me Jesus is…” written on it. Instruct them to now read their 3 sentences and spend some time praying and thanking God for all that Jesus is. If there is a sentence on their card that they don’t agree with ask them to thank God for allowing us to be honest with how we feel towards him.

Close the group in prayer.

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