Too Much Previewing

Can someone explain to me why a movie company would put out more than one preview for a movie BEFORE it even opens? There is a movie with Will Smith and the guy from King of Queens coming out that my wife will make me go and see so I already know that I am going to be in the theater at some point in time watching this. There are some funny things on the preview that I have seen in the theater, but the one that is on Television takes those things and adds extra stuff to them, basically revealing the next good joke in the dialog. So why in the world would a company do this? What does it add to put in the TV preview “my mouth was open” when we are already laughing at the line from the theater that was something like “over-zealous…” What happens is that we have now seen the whole scene or at least most of it and the spontaneity of the funny just isn’t there.

So why do they do this? Do they really think adding a slightly different line will get more people to the theater or do they simply want to be sure to kill everyone’s enjoyment of the movie once they get there? Or is it that most movie goers are like my wife and they forget all that they have seen on the preview before they get into the movie so it is fresh for them. I don’t know, but for those of us who actually can remember things it seems like we will be stuck rapidly changing the channel so that we don’t end up watching too much in a preview.

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