Too Old for Pool Halls

The guys who make up our youth praise band have all graduated now and are taking classes at our local community college. Recently they have become a band outside of church. They play a mix of covers and their own hard rock stuff.

Last night was their first official gig. They played at a pool hall in Dothan and invited me to come. It is an interesting little place that has nights when local bands come and play one after another. At the end of the night the divide up the cover charges (I think my guys made $12 each). It has been a long time since I have started my night after 9 and even longer that I have been out after 12, but last night I didn’t make it back home until 1.

The guys played well, and I am very proud of them for writing their own stuff, but I am waaaay too old to be out late at night in anything even resembling a club.

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