Top 10 Family Board Games (with 5 bonus because we couldn’t all agree) 2016 Edition

I own around 70 board/card games. Some are simple card games that take about 5 minutes to play other are elaborate affairs with multiple boards, miniatures, and pieces that can take hours and hours to play. My family is finally old enough for all of us to play a board game and stay engaged. We play a whole bunch of games, and since my son has a YouTube channel we thought we would make a top 10 list of our favorites to play as a family. Well, we ended up with 15 because there were games that got pushed off the top 10 that we still wanted to play.

These are all games that would work well with a family of 4. In the review we talk about how certain games work better with different player counts and what type of family game that it is. So if you are interested in the full review watch the video below. For just a quick list of the games here you go:

  • 15: Kingsburg
  • 14: Dixit
  • 13: Clue
  • 12: Dominion
  • 11: Lords of Waterdeep
  • 10: Rise of Augustus
  • 9: Sushi Go
  • 8: Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle
  • 7: Lanterns
  • 6: Splendor
  • 5: Camel Up
  • 4: Sheriff of Nottingham
  • 3: Ticket to Ride
  • 2: Carcassonne
  • 1: Qwirkle

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