The internet is a darn cool place. I mean it has its faults, but with Google it can be a wealth of information. When I am having trouble with something computer related like most people the first place I turn is to Google. It is normally pretty easy, just type in a couple of words that are sort of like your problem and you will find dozens of other people who have experienced the same thing and lots of very nice people who have shared advice. There is a whole lesson on the great communal nature of message boards, but that is for another time.

A couple of weeks ago I figured it was finally time to get some video of Noah up on the web. I plugged in the camera and nothing happened. I couldn’t remember if I had uploaded video with Windows 7 or not so I figured that was the problem. I went to the internet and started looking for solutions

As it turns out there wasn’t much there. I was apparently having an isolated problem. It is hard when the answer to your question isn’t on the front page of google. (like looking for a disc golf place close to Eufaula). You have to dig deeper and read through lots of pages that don’t make much sense.

After a couple of weeks of off and on looking tonight I had a brainstorm. What if it wasn’t Windows at fault, but actually the camera. As it turns out the port on the camera has a loose connection. I was able to bend it back for a moment and get it working, but not for very long. I guess I will need to get it fixed.

But the great thing is that 1) I now know what is wrong and 2) Google didn’t let me down.

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