Trunk or Treat

Our annual Halloween outreach (I refuse to call it a fall festival, it is Halloween) was tonight. We do "Trunk or Treat" which is where we have families come out park in the parking lot and pass out candy from their trunks. It was a crazy evening. We had over 200 families (well over 500 people) come through the parking lot. It is a crazy hour and a half of fun. I love sharing with our community. There are always a few people who get upset with you because things don’t work out right. I always want to tell them they can go somewhere else for free candy. But I don’t.

I love doing these types of outreach. It is a small way to share the love of Christ and it involves the whole church. I would love to do more things like this. Too much of Christianity’s public face is people out for money or full of hate. I love to share a different side whenever I can.

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