There are lots of camp stories that I could bore you with, but most of them are either things that I have said before (do a search for camp or fuge from the sidebar and you will find the previous years). So I wanted to share something that happened that was more of a devotional moment for me.

We were leaving our ministry site and although we had come in one way the sign back to the interstate pointed the other way. Since we knew that going back the way that we came would involved a really hard intersection to get back onto the main road, we decided to follow the signs. I said, “I trust the sign people to lead us where we need to go.” I actually said that as I turned away from what I thought was our destination and followed the sign.

Well after a moment we came to an intersection and a sign pointing us back towards the interstate. This is easy, I thought. We are right here. But when we hit the interstate there wasn’t any way to access it and there were no more signs. We immediately thought we were lost. We began looking for where we could turn around. 

Then over the next hill we saw another sign pointing us around the block and back up onto I-526. Whoever put up the signs hadn’t given us another one before we needed to turn. They had pointed us in the right direction and were expecting us to follow until given new instructions, even if it seemed like they were leading us in the wrong direction.

Sometimes I feel like to make the obvious comparison to God as the maker of the signs is just overkill and then there are some times when I think I need to spell it out. I guess I am just going with a “meta” have kidding way to say what is in my mind as a compromise.  

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