Just a few updates of what is happening in my life these days. I will throw them in an unordered list so you can just get the highlights.

  • I am learning to code HTML and CSS. You would think that after 14 years of having a website (even way back when everyone’s grandmother didn’t have a personal website) that I would know this by now, but I don’t so I am learning.
  • The CSS learning is part of my new big push to provide better information for our students and parents. I am putting together a static web page that has form downloads, directions, general questions about us, and other things that parents would want to see.
  • I am also trying to get the Facebook and Myspace profiles for our student ministry up to something useful
  • I have spent a great deal of time this week just working on calendar from now through August.
  • I have been trying to take all of the video footage from the first 3 and 1/2 years of Nathan’s life and compile them into some sort of format that Meredith can watch at her leisure. This is proving difficult because I have nearly 60 hours of video taking up over 300 GB of space on my external hard drive.
  • I currently have all of my video files on one hard drive and I am terrified that it is going to crash before I can find a backup.
  • For our anniversary Meredith and I bought ourselves a Wii Fit. I had no clue that I was such an unbalanced fatty. I love the idea of making exercise a game, though. They need these things hooked up to nautilus machines.
  • I finshed up Donald Miller’s book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and like always I am challenged and motivated by his writings.
  • The youth are still in their storytelling series. I have begun to hit a bit of a wall. I love it, and about half of the students like it, but some of them are losing interest. So I am looking for a fresh take. I may video me telling a story or two and see how that helps.

I guess that is the major stuff. I have been in one of those “getting stuff done” moods so I have lots of little things happening. Maybe I will be Nailscars.com inspired next.

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