What is it about the Olympics that make me want to cheer for people wearing red, white, and blue. I sat down and watched it every chance I could get.

When I wasn’t watching the Olympics I did get a chance to go bike riding with my wife and son today. It was pretty cool. We have Nathan in a seat right behind me, and I do mean right behind me. I went over a bump today and felt his helmet smack into my back. But it is neat to have all of us out together, especially since gnats don’t bother you when you are on a bike.

Eufaula actually has a really cool new bike trail. It still isn’t very long, but they took an old rail road and pulled up the track and then poured asphalt. It is a very smooth ride with nice views of the water. Add all of that to the fact that my adopted mom is here this week and I have to say it has been a good day.

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