Vacation Bible School

We are working through VBS this week. It has been a fun time, but I am tired already and it isn’t even Wednesday. I always forget just how much cutting things out teaching 3rd and 4th graders involves. I am getting quite skilled at it. At about this point in the week things get easier and harder. They are easier because the kids are starting to find their groove and most of the schedule kinks are worked out. Also, since we have a few lessons under our belt we can do more review questions and play those sorts of games which the kids just love. Things get harder because the kids are getting tired and so are the teachers.

It is also harder because the teenagers that we use are getting tired too. It seems like I spend much of my time herding them back to rooms where they are working. Of course at the same time they are doing a great job. We couldn’t do VBS without them. Just sometimes they forget what they are supposed to be doing. But of course I do sometimes too.

On top of this we are also having our regular youth meeting this week. I like to meet during VBS because I like to do something not kid oriented for a while, but it also just makes my week even longer. Tomorrow night we are trying a new activity that I will post tomorrow with tips on how it worked out.

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  • June 23, 2010 at 10:49 AM

    Am looking forward to reading the tips, it can be hard trying to organise and be involved in all these little different pies, but think of the benefits you are contributing to these peoples lives and it will all seem worth it.


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