I love little stories about people’s lives. You know, those small vignettes that are told well and don’t really have much of a purpose, but are just art in some way. My friend Andy who spends way too much time here on is an engineer, but he has a great little story today. Check it out at Crouch’s Conundrums.

3 thoughts on “Vignettes

  1. Andy Crouch says:

    Hey! Thanks!

    (However, exactly what do you mean by "is an engineer, but…" I’m pretty sure that’s derrogatory, but my engineering, analytical mind just can’t seem to grasp the vast complexitites of your subtle literary implications.)

    <Looking up definition of ‘back-handed compliment’ now.>

  2. The Average Youth Minister says:

    It was really more of a "don’t think this is another youth pastor site" than anything else.
    Of course there have been several times that you have said you couldn’t understand me because I was way too "English Major" so I wanted to compliment you on going beyond your training and creating art.
    There are many engineers who couldn’t do that.Of course there are some of you who are real renaissance men and who can do it all. Actually, I guess we aren’t renaissance men because we can’t joust, but that is a whole other argument

  3. Andy Crouch says:

    Who says I can’t joust? Squire, fetch my loyal steed! I see windmills in our future!

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