Viral Marketing

I have been thinking a bunch lately about viral marketing (because of our current youth series). So I have been trying to come up with a good viral marketing campaign for, but everything I think of is cheesy.

Right now our visitor numbers are pretty stagnant. About the same number of people come and check out the site everyday. I was thinking that you guys are in a better position to help add more visitors than I am. So here is your homework assignment. Email at least 1 person that you know who is involved in ministry and tell them about a resource or post that you have found enjoyable here at That’s all. See it isn’t that hard.

The cool thing about this is that the more people who are involved the better this community will become. So here is a great way for you to help yourself (and really help me out too.)

(This may be the more beneficial homework assignment, but I wanted to say, “you are going to pick a fight, and you are going to lose.”) 

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