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Over the past few years I have found myself drifting more and more towards the visual side of worship. I think it is because for most of my life the visuals of worship were the same church every week and a hymnal, with maybe a different picture on the Baptist Sunday School issued bulletin shell.

I don’t know if it is because of the generation that I work with, or because I have heard the message in spoken form for so long, but nothing hits me like a great well placed image. For instance the song “footsteps of Jesus” has a different feel to it if the background of the words are of Jesus on the cross. The message becomes something else if the background image is of children in Africa. With simple imagery you are able to bring a freshness to our corporate worship time.

This new pull of my life has me spending more time trying to create visuals for church too.

You know what this isn’t making any sense. I am trying to say that I would love to go back to school become a graphic designer and then do that in the church. But as I try to type it I keep thinking about how much I love dealing with people and I think it wouldn’t be long before I would want to get out from behind the computer to lead again.

Oh well, I should probably delete this post, but I haven’t written much lately so I will leave it up here even if it is just rambling. If this is your first time go back a couple of months and read some of the good stuff. I would hate to be judges on this jumbled entry.

One thought on “Visual Worship

  • May 24, 2009 at 3:59 AM

    Hey Shane – makes perfect sense to me. You have a way with visual expressions – so I can understand why you’d like to expand your knowledge about that. But after reading your "ramblings" for a couple years, I understand the people side of you too! Somewhere in there is a balance between the two, don’t you think?


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