Walking in His Footsteps Setup

So our multimedia prayer experience “Walking in His Footsteps” starts tomorrow night. My team set most of it tonight with a few extra things going in tomorrow. I have never set up 12 stations at one time before so it was a little crazy, but like always ultimately fun. I have said it before, but I love setting up and planning for these types of events.

Right now we have a grand total of 19 people signed up to come and participate. When it is all said and done if we have 40 I will be happy, but even that number makes me sad. For one thing this is more work than we normally do (most of the work was just clearing out our youth room so that we could set the thing up) and also because I think it will be a positive experience for those people who attend.

I hope this thing works well. I listened to the CD without the stations in front of me and there were a few issues I had with a couple of the stations (it takes until about station 4 to really get good) but tomorrow I will go through it for the first time like an actual participant so I will see how well it works then. This is going to consume my life for the next few days so expect a full report.

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