Want Help with Your Creative Worship Ideas?

I enjoyed working this past week with a few of you on upcoming events (I am still messing with some Fear Factor ideas). I wanted to ask again for anyone who has a series or a lesson coming up that they would like help with to drop me a comment. I can’t promise to help, but I will try to see what I can do. 

8 thoughts on “Want Help with Your Creative Worship Ideas?

  1. Pastor C says:

    Well, I’m planning a Christmas series on the four "original" Christmas songs (Mary’s, Zachariah’s, Simeon’s, & the angels’ from Luke 1-2) I could use some graphics for background and title slides and a 3 min countdown if you have time :) any ideas?

  2. The Average Youth Minister says:

    Do you have a title and a basic direction yet? It sounds like a pretty cool series. Email me with your thoughts and after my vacation I may put something together and then steal your notes to use in my own group.

  3. Janet says:

    Our pastor wants to start the Advent season with a scripture from Mark 13: 24-37, with the theme thought being: If we are ready to meet Jesus and face our own mortality, then the end of time is not an issue. Any ideas come to mind? That is a very powerful issue.

    Also, we are starting a series at our contemporary worship in January about "The Seven Deadly Sins." My idea was to have a pair of devils, kind of like in "The Screwtape Letters" or a mad scientist and his lab assistant, as an on-going drama intro to each sin and sermon in the series. Anything come to mind on that? Two heads are better than one any day!

  4. The Average Youth Minister says:

    Check out the Christmas Jesus v. Easter Jesus skit in the drama section. That might be something that you guys could incorporate into the whole "serious Christmas" idea.

  5. Pastor C says:

    I wasn’t sure if I’d sent you my ideas or not. They’re not posted here, but I may have emailed them to you. Just in case, here is what I’m thinking about.
    I’m planning on having some sort of 3-D musical notes wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. The theme is really just to hold the hold the whole thing together. The topics will depend on the scripture. Mary’s song is most likely going to be about surrender/trust. The Angels will be about praise/worship of God’s greatness. Simeon’s may be about God’s promises. Zachariah’s . . . well I’m still stretching that one out. Maybe how Jesus was the Ultimate of all the deliverances in the OT. ??? We’ll play games that center around Christmas carols, and our Praise songs will have a smattering of Christmas songs. I’ll be glad to send you my notes when we get done. Maybe you or your readers could use it next year. Thanks for the time and effort.

  6. Diana says:

    Hi Shane – don’t know if you still have time to do any creative worship ideas – but I’m looking for something to do with "Creating more than we consume" – the Law of Creation

    also – you had that picture of the girl with the words – could you do something like that – only Real Questions from Real People?

    Thanks for anything you can help me with.

  7. The Average Youth Minister says:

    Send me an email and expand these ideas a bit (especially the graphic one). Are you looking for the same word girl only with the title "real questions for real people" or are you looking for real questions, if so you will need to tell me what those questions are.

  8. annlyons@verizon.net says:

    I would like you to help me design a closing ep worship experience for my
    winter retreat in Jan.09. the theme of this retreat would be God is Closer Than
    You Think. I am using some of John Ortberg’s DVD on this topic on a large
    screen. I like to use candles , Christ candle and move to stations that pertain
    to the theme. there would be about 16 people with 12 teenagers present.
    there is a gas fireplace in the room. something in the dark except for the fireplace
    and the candles would be great.

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