Wasted Day

It has been a long time since I have sat and watched as much TV as I did today. I spent most of the day either watching the draft or playoff NBA games. I actually needed the break because it has been a while since I had a few hours with nothing to do, but it was hard for me. I felt fidgety and nervous like I was forgetting something. Maybe I was a little bored too.

Anyway, tomorrow is our Art Team worship gathering. It should be pretty fun. I am more nervous than I like to admit. There are a ton of little parts that need to work and for a number of these students it will be their first time on stage so I don’t know how they will respond. That freaks me out a little. Actually it freaks me out a whole lot. One of the things I have noticed from this whole art team thing is how much I miss drama. I really miss my old “Zoo Troupe” days when we would travel around and do dramas for churches. It was always such a rush.

I thought I would include on here a list of what we are doing just to give you an idea. I wish that all of you could come and see, but you will have to settle for this preview and then the after report.

 Catalyst Worship Arts Team

(from the beginning our “art” team will be drawing 3 pictures to represent bondage, the greatness of god, and how that great God frees us from bondage and into praise.)

Praise Choruses

Dramatic Reading

Praise Choruses

Poem (What I worship)


Dance Team (Shackles)


Create your own art (asking the audience to get involved and create their own picture, poem, or paragraph. While they are doing this a video is playing)

Acoustic Praise Chorus

“The Turn” short debriefing of what has happened and an intro into where we are going

Video (Isaiah 61. A really good video that I got from Media Shout that has a guy reading Isaiah 61)

Dramatic Reading


Dance Team

Closing thoughts


As you can see there is a whole lot of stuff involved and about a million small transitions that have to work for this thing to be worship and not just a series of distractions. On top of that I am sure that something will go wrong technically because it just isn’t possible for us to do something like this without something breaking. So you see I am a little freaked about it. If you are reading this before 6:30 pray for us. Pray, not that we will “do good”, but that we will actually lead our church in worship. Pray that the people who come will be transformed by the presence of God.  

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