So I went to see Watchmen over the weekend. It was weird going to see a comic book/fanboy type movie and not already knowing the plot or at least the main characters. Add to that the cool 80s feel and the whole cold war angle (Man, I miss the days when the enemy was just one country and not a whole bunch of random terrorist) and you get a fairly entertaining movie. Sure there were plot holes. Sure it was cheesy at times, and sure it was ridiculously racy in places, but it was still a fun movie.

Would I recommend it? Now that is a tough question. It is too “talky” for people looking for an action movie and a little too violent for people just looking for a drama. You also have to be able to remember life back during the cold war to really grab hold of the “feel” of the movie. So if you are like me, (and not afraid of some male nudity) then sure check it out. If you aren’t then I don’t really know what you are thinking so I don’t know what to suggest.

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