Wed, June 23, 2021

We Are Connected (A Visual for Worship)

What you Need:

  • Ball of yarn long enough to wind through your church
  • volunteers to help shepherd the ball through the crowd
  • If your church is super large, you may want to have volunteers tying yarn from multiple sections together.

What to do:

We are working on a Sunday service focused on UNITY. We are specifically talking about how each person in our church is important to the mission that God has placed before us. We were trying to figure out how to demonstrate that and this is what we came up with. This is what we plan to do. I will report back how well it worked out.

We are going to take a ball of yarn and pass it around the church unrolling it as we go. Each person is going to get a piece of the yarn to hold. When we are finished we will have a whole long piece of string that is connecting our whole church.

Then we are going to talk about how you can feel the pull of everyone else. When one person pulls on the string it effects everyone else in the room. The same is true for us as a church family. We are connected because God has brought all of us to this place in this time. When you pull away we don’t just forget about you. We are all pulled with you. When you decide not to show up we don’t forget about you. You are connected to this group of people and no matter what you are family.

After we pray we will dismiss and then have people leave the yarn on the floor and hopefully no one will trip over it.

About Me

I don't have all of the answers and some weeks it feels like I don't have any of the answers. I forget students names sometimes and say stupid things that hurt their feelings. I often find a good word picture or object lesson and build the lesson off of that instead of the other way around. I have put the finishing touches on a Wednesday night Bible study on Wednesday more times than I can count. I don't always pray as much as I should and I never study as much as I should. I try every new youth ministry model that comes from the "experts" and I have had at least 3 mission statements over the past 5 years.

But I love students ministry. I love watching teenagers as they serve God. I love to see them worship and forget about themselves for a while. I love seeing someone wake up to the love of God if only for a little while. I love to see them out serving their community and sharing the love of Christ with others. I love to be a part of their lives and I love seeing the world through their eyes. Like I said, I'm an average youth pastor.


For almost 20 years now I have been trying to add creative ideas for use in the local church. In the early days was just a place to publish some scripts, but it has become a collection of creative ministry resources for youth ministry and worship.

I began writing a blog more to process my own thoughts more than anything else. As I started writing the comments that I got back from people amazed me. As I was honest with my struggles most of them would write and say “Thank you.” “It is just nice to know someone else struggles with these same things,” was a common response.

So this has become a place where I share the struggles and successes of being in youth ministry. I hope that you find something that God can use in your life and ministry.


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