Web Memories

I clicked a link to go to a web site just now and since I am downloading some video podcasts from iTunes it took the page about 4 seconds to load. Well, it was taking 4 seconds, I don’t know how long it would have taken to actually get the page to pop up, but I quickly decided that I didn’t want to read about Immortal Jellyfish even if it was Scott Adams writing about it so I moved on and clicked something else.

That was when I remembered what the internet used to be like. We would wait minutes, actual minutes for flashing bars and animated gifs. Every website had an “under constructions” graphic somewhere on it and each time you would have to dial into the internet just to connect. Seriously, why in the world did we do that? Think about it, this was before Wikipedia and IMDB. Most of this was even before good reliable news was on the web. What in the world was worth waiting that long for? I can remember youth who were on dialup and would download music from Napster. It would take hours/song. I don’t think listening to Funky Col Medina is worth the effort.

I have become a spoiled internet user. I know that when my son has an implant in his brain and a screen built into his contacts and is always connected to the internet I am going to be one of those people talking about “back in my day you had limits to how many hours you could be connected.”

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