My yard is dead from lack of rain, but I have these really long weeds that grow up and sprout seeds all over the place. They make it look like I need to mow even though I just have basically sand and dead grass over most of my yard. So tonight I had a plan (the reasoning behind why I wanted the yard to look mowed and why I didn’t want to get out the mower are way to convoluted to explain here) I decided to simply walk around my small front yard and pick the weeds. Here is what I learned: After I went through and picked all of the tall weeds I noticed a whole lot of shorter weeds that I hadn’t seen before. They were always there, but I hadn’t seen them because I had been only focusing on the tall weeds.

Here is the spiritual spin on this. In our lives God is constantly refining us and trying to shape us to be who he created us to be. As we go through out life there are always some big areas that He needs us to get control of (pride, lust, and envy being some common ones) but as we allow Him to weed these out of our lives there are things beneath that He begins to remove too, things that we didn’t even notice before.

God is shaping each of us and we are all at different stages of this weeding process. As He removes things from our lives He reveals different things that need to come under His control and be weeded out. What He is weeding out of your life may be something that He isn’t weeding out of mine yet and vice versa, but being a Christian is a process of growing, not an immediate change.

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