I am not a lawn guy. I mow my yard because I have to. I sprayed weed killer on it last year to try to kill the little spur things that we have in our yard and that was the first time that I have ever done anything other than mow a yard. So take what I am about to say with the knowledge that I know nothing and so am pretty much just making this up as a go along.

My yard isn’t really a yard, it is more like a sandy field that I mow. The grass grows slowly and if it weren’t for the weeds I would rarely have to mow it. But my yard is full of weeds. Last year when we were in the middle of a drought the weeds were this tall thin plant with a forked seed head on top. People smarter than me said that it was a type of weed that thrived in dry climates. I just knew that I had a yard full of them and that I would be covered in seeds up to my knees when I got finished mowing.

This year we have had lots of rain and the weeds in my yard are different. They look more like clover with broad leaves and small flowers. They are shorter plants and less of a problem, but they are still too tall to just ignore. So I have to once again mow the weeds while my grass sits dormant.

But what I kept thinking as I was out mowing was this. There are weeds no matter what is going on. Whether there is enough rain or not enough rain there are weeds, but they are different weeds. The same is true in churches. When things are going terrible there are problems that pop up. There are also problems that pop up when things are going well too. These problems are not the same, but there are weeds in good times and in bad times.

I don’t really have any solutions, but just an observation about the nature of churches.  

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