We’re Home!

Sorry that I have taken so long to report. It has been a crazy time being back home with Nathan. There is so much to do and so much to learn. Not only when it comes to him, but when it comes to Meredith and I because now there is an extra person in our house. It is fun, but it is a challenge.

Today was “people come visit” day and it got a little taxing on both of us. I left to go for a walk with my Aunt Mary and left poor Meredith by herself. I think I am going to make a sign that says, “Maximum Baby Visit 15 minutes” because he doesn’t really do anything and in 15 minutes you can see him and hold him and get whatever level of the delivery story that you are comfortable hearing. Or if that rule doesn’t really work then I want a “when the next person arrives you must pass him to them and make your orderly way to the door” but that doesn’t fit on a sign as well.

Meredith and I let him stay in the nursery while we were in the hospital so last night was our first night with him. We were blown away by how awake he was. He is like his daddy with his mornings and nights confused. Right now he is sleeping though, and Mommy and Daddy have a new rule. If the baby is sleeping then at least 1 of us must be sleeping too, because if not we are just wasting an opportunity.

I know that proud papa’s are a dime a dozen, but here is one story that I have to tell. At 5:30 this morning Meredith woke me up and said, “You have to take him.” My first thought was “I do NOT want to get up” and then she put him in my arms and he was awake with is dark eyes looking up at me and I was ready to get up. I mean how could I resist such a pretty little face.  

3 thoughts on “We’re Home!

  • May 17, 2006 at 1:37 PM

    It would also be hard to fit instructions on a sign, but maybe you could establish a routine like the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld. I can hear you now when somebody does something you don’t particularly care for. "No Nathan for You! You come back one year." – as you snatch him out of their arms. Just a thought.

  • May 17, 2006 at 10:47 PM

    Huge CONGRATS to you and Meredith! Nathan is so adorable. Do you know how much fun I’m having reading all "my boys’" posts about their babies and parenthood in general? I’m happy to see that you’ve all grown up into responsible adults. And I can’t WAIT to hear all the stories about your kiddos as they grow up. Just think … they may turn out to be just like you!! LOL! Even after all these years, I still remember how hectic it was to bring a new baby home. But now I’m on the Grandma side of the fence. So I’m all for letting Nathan’s grandma hold him and even unwrap those chubby little legs if she’d like.(Can you tell I LOVE being a Grandma?) And don’t worry … everything will eventually settle into a routine again one of these days. Just enjoy Nathan every minute. He’s going to be more fun than you can even imagine.
    BTW … I’ve looked at the hospital pics several times. I’m ready for some more pictures! I’ll bet he’s already changed a lot.


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