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I haven’t been very good at writing here because I can’t think of anything to say. Does anyone really care about my day? My week? Anyway in Nathan news he has finally started rolling onto his back. Contrary to all of the experts he learned to roll from his back to his front first and has pretty much been living on his belly for a couple of months now. Over the past couple of days he has started rolling back over, but it isn’t pretty.

We are almost finished with our "revolution" bible study. I am actually very happy with the whole thing. I have a plan to add all of the lessons up here, but you guys know how well those plans pan out.  Last night we talked about Revolutionary Focus. I used the song Pinball Wizard from The Who. I even found a video of it at Woodstock to play. It was neat. I have had fun bringing out these old songs.

I don’t know if I have talked about this before, but the "Classic Rock" series came about specifically to reach a group of people that I met while eating lunch at the high school. I wanted to find something that they were interested in to 1) encourage them to come and 2) to let them know that I cared about what they were interested in. All in all it has been a big success. We have had a large group every week and everyone seems excited about whatever song we are discussing that week.

This week we are taking a slight turn and heading into the seventies for music with "American Pie." The lesson is about whether Jesus is still relevant to our culture today. If we are going to start a revolution is Jesus still the answer to people’s needs. I am saying that part of what the song is saying is that people have stopped believing. In the same way many people say that God isn’t relevant anymore. I want to help our students see that He still is.

I don’t know if it fits or not, but it should be fun all the same.  

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