What Matters Most

Last night I wanted to challenge my students about how they were living their life. We have a large group of psudo-Christians: people who come to church and don’t really do bad things, but who really aren’t choosing God in their daily life either. Church for most of them is something fun to do, but God rarely impacts their daily life.

So I asked them these questions:

  • Why does God matter?
  • Why does choosing Jesus as Lord of your life matter?
  • Why does living life God’s way matter?

To each of these questions they gave some good answers. I used the “Socratic” method (I think that is what it is called) where I pretty much just asked them a series of questions to try to get them to think about the ideas in different ways. They all came together and agreed that God matters and that asking Jesus to be the Lord of your life and following God’s way matters more than anything else.

So then I moved to this question:

  • Why does reading your Bible matter?

They gave a few answers and then I said. “If all of this other stuff is most important than reading your Bible should be a top priority because in your Bible you will find out not only how to live your life, but you will find the heart of God and come to understand Him better.” 

I closed with this:

  • If all of these things matter. If God really matters and Jesus really matters and following God really matters then why don’t you live like it does? 

I went on to talk about how what is most important in our lives doesn’t show by the words that we say, but by the things that we do. Then I used the verse that I think speaks more to the modern church than any other.

 “My people have committed two sins:
       They have forsaken me,
       the spring of living water,
       and have dug their own cisterns,
       broken cisterns that cannot hold water.
Jeremiah 2:13

That is what we are doing when we choose things that don’t really matter. We are turning away from what can really satisfy us and chasing after things that can’t satisfy. These are the two great sins of the modern church. We have forgotten about God and turned towards other things even though those things can’t satisfy.

It was a nice night. I so seldom get a chance to actually teach instead of preach (our group size doesn’t lend itself to that style) so it was nice to engage students in conversation.

I also got a chance to play 4 person Carcassonne.  It is a whole different game when you add more people.

2 thoughts on “What Matters Most

  • May 9, 2008 at 1:18 PM

    Sounds like you brought the hammer down a little…good stuff, I like it.

    This "pseudo-Christian" thing bugs me…like we can clock in and out of our Christianity or something….

  • May 9, 2008 at 1:52 PM

    Yep that is what they are. They are people who say they are Christians and if you ask them they may even give you most of the right answers, but when really pressed you will see 1) that their life doesn’t line up with what they are saying and 2) that they aren’t even really sure what they believe or who they believe in.

    It sounds too negative, but I want to call them Christians-wanna-be’s but like I said that is too harsh. It is more that they are people who think that coming to church and saying you believe is enough. They are Christians because their friends are and for no other reason.

    Everyone in our group isn’t like this, but there are a number of them, and sometimes they are harder to reach than the people who know nothing about God because they tend to think that they don’t need him.


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