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Man, I leave you guys alone for a few days and things get wild. I really want to weigh in on this whole love vs truth argument (you see how I did that there making it a black and white issue like one side doesn’t want love and the other side doesn’t want truth. That is the key to winning any argument painting your opponent with absolutes. Sort of like how the pro-Life people chose that name rather than anti-abortion because people can be for abortion, but no one can be anti-life that’s just crazy talk. See that is how you win. Sorry, this aside is over now I was saying I want to weigh in on this thing…) but I am still just too full of moving and cleaning and unpacking and being a pregnant woman’s husband (saying that is a job in and of itself in no way implies that I think my job is harder than hers and that I am not sympathetic to her pain and discomfort. I am simply stating that it is something else I have to do)

Anyway, check out the comments from Christians on TV and add your own thoughts and hopefully by tonight I will be able to answer fully.  

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