When Creative People Create

Igniter Media has come up with a neat new idea. It isn’t often that a new product comes along designed for churches that is 1) easy to use and 2) makes your presentations look better. But the Igniter’s new "Bumpers" do just that. Here is what they are. There is an animation that plays as an intro to an announcement slide. Then there is a still frame on which you place your announcement. Finally there is an outro video that slides the announcement out and ready for the next one.

All of this is done by simply placing the first video in your media presenter, placing a text cue with the still frame background on the next cue and placing the outro video after that. Set the first video to transition after the video is finished and set a time limit on your still frame and you have a custom looking video announcement. You can do all of this without doing anything more than dropping in videos and adding text. Too cool.

Now I hope they hurry up and add some more. I will burn through the few of these that are in this first set in a couple of weeks.  

One thought on “When Creative People Create

  • November 28, 2006 at 6:33 PM

    Those are awesome! Thanks for telling us about them. I love them already.


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