When it is good

There are struggles about youth ministry that are almost too hard to explain if you haven’t been a part of it. If you have never poured your life into a group of teenagers you can’t understand the pain that comes when they walk away or when they make choices that hurt their lives. But when it is good…when it is good there is nothing more amazing than doing this job that I do.

Last night it was good.

I haven’t been giving you guys a good enough update on all that has been going on. Since school started back our male dominated group has suddenly sprouted girls. For the past few weeks the girls have been even with the guys in numbers and this week they even outnumbered them. You will have to go back to some of my earlier posts to understand why this makes me smile as much as it does, but let me just say that a bunch of guys want to break things and each other, when you add girls to the mix they calm down enough to actually listen, or at least to look at the girls and since they are being quiet to me it amounts to about the same thing.

Last night was good for more reasons that that, though. A group of teenagers that I know specifically from eating lunch with them at the high school came to church last night. I have been going to the school for 3 years now and while it is the highlight of my week sometimes when I am spending the $15 it takes a week for candy now I wonder if it is really making a difference. But this week people came.

Then here is the really amazing part, my guys, the regulars at church actually were excited about worship last night. They were connecting with God and rejoicing in a way that was so transparent and so infectious that all of those who were visiting could see the love of God in their lives. It doesn’t always come together like that, with visitors coming on nights when our guys are actually worshiping, but when it does…it is good.

There are a few more things that I would love to tell you, but now this has become such a well knows site in Eufaula that I can’t share specifics. Let me just say "when it is good…it is very very good"

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  • September 2, 2006 at 5:53 PM

    Thanks for sharing this; what an encouragement! It’s so nice when God allows us to see even a tiny bit of the fruit from our labors. How awesome is our God?


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