When Meredith Speaks…

In the middle of a million deadlines and other events I am preaching both services tomorrow. Let me start by saying there is no way a person who has to do all of the jobs that a small to mid-sized church asks their pastor to do can do 2 good sermons on Sunday. The time commitment alone is rough, not to mention the mental stuff. But I digress.

In the morning I am doing a sermon on Abraham sacrificing Isaac. It is pretty standard with a couple of no-traditional elements thrown in. Tomorrow night I have been struggling with all week. I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to say. In the end I sort of picked a couple of videos and wrote a few notes in between them.

Tonight Meredith asks me what I am talking about, and when I tell her she looked sort of disappointed. “I was hoping you were doing stations,” she said. That got me to thinking. Exactly what I wanted was a time for people to encounter Jesus on their own. So I looked up the “Encounters with Jesus” worship outline that I had done with the youth and not with “Big Church” and suddenly I felt like this was the direction I was supposed to go on Sunday night.

Of course that means that I had a ton of work to do, and I just remembered something that I have forgotten, but I think God used Meredith in a big way tonight. Full report tomorrow night.

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  • January 15, 2007 at 4:12 AM

    Stations? Sounds intersting. Do you break the group up and send them to seperate stations and the rotate or everyone goes together? Is it the same for students and adults or do you set it up different for each group (students/adults).

    Post more of your "station" ideas.

    Thanks –

    I used "American Crappy Idol" as the first message of the new year – thanks! I adjust it for my group and style, but most of it was from the message you posted. Additions: I passed out small accrilyc treasure cheast (from a wedding supply on Ebay) and put a note inside, "I love you – God" and then did a picture show with my students pictures from 2006 to the song "What If" by Jadon Lavik. Went great! thanks

  • January 15, 2007 at 8:21 AM

    Thanks for adding your ideas. I don’t know the song, I will have to check it out.

    Jeff check out the "worship outlines" in the nav bar. All of those (with the exception maybe of the first one) are station type worship gatherings. Most of them are still very rough, but a couple of them have .pdf’s and stuff with them. Give them a look.


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