Where Cheese Meets Worship

Tonight we continued our "God Girls" lessons by talking about how girls desire romance, and also desire to join in the quests to change the world. I said it a little more eloquently than that, but that was the basic idea. I showed my favorite clip from Pretty Woman where he comes to her at the end and climbs the tower to "rescue" here and she "rescues him right back."

I think that speaks the truth about men and woman. There is something true about the fairy tales of Knights in armor coming to rescue the maiden. There is something in that that speaks to both to guys and girls. But there is also something about girls not being just damsels in distress they are also powerful and wonderful and strong and have beauty and strength to offer to the world.

Tonight we looked at several women from the Bible (Deborah, Jael, Mary, Mary Magdelen, Eunice, Lois, Eunice, Rahab, and Moses’ Mom) and talked about how each of them lended their strength in their situation. It was pretty cool.

But all of that isn’t the cheesy part. I closed the night with an invitation where my volunteers stood around the room with small plastic swords that students were to come and get and "be commisioned" to be warriors. The volunteers handed them the swords and the prayed the prayer below for them. It was cheesy, but cool at the same time.

Lord, you have gifted this young (man or woman) in a mighty way. You have called him/her to a unique task that only she/he can perform. Consecrate him/her to your mission now. Take away the fear and the doubt that is in his/her life and send him/her into your world as a warrior.

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