Where was this NBC?

I understand the the Olympics are a celebration of sport and human achievement (and these days of how much marketing we really can stomach), but I think that NBC did a disservice with so little coverage on the human rights violations that were going on. Sure there was a beautiful place to play sports, but it was at the cost of many freedoms.

As I sat these past two weeks and watched I couldn’t help but think of how many Christians were hiding and worshiping in secret because they were afraid of being thrown in jail while the whole world was celebrating China. Human rights should be human rights, whether the person is American or Asian or a “detainee” (love the made up words) in Guantanamo Bay. We should be the place that is fighting for the unalienable rights of all people; we should be standing up and making our voices heard so that everyone, even the people who we don’t really like and who don’t really like us can experience true freedom.

You would think that those truths would be self-evident, wouldn’t you.

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