Why aren’t our church parking lots covered in Hybrid cars?

Why have I seen so many churches with steeples, and yet none with solar panels? Why is the only thing that we recycle at most churches is cans so we can make a little more money? Why is conservation and the environment almost considered dirty words in most church circles? Is it because we are supposed to be Republicans and those are Democrat ideas?

(Alright I know that my hypocrisy meter is very high here. I am sitting in an air conditioned house with bad insulation typing on a computer watching the NBA finals on TV with the lights on while listening to a baby monitor, Nathan’s noise machine, and the hum from Meredith’s computer. It is 10:16 at night and I am doing my best to suck all of the electricity I can from the grid so this is a preaching at myself sort of moment.) 

But why aren’t Christians more concerned with environmental issues? Why don’t we preach conservation from the pulpit? Aren’t we supposed to be stewards of this earth, or does that only count when it comes to giving our money to the church? I grew up in church my whole life and I have never once heard from the pulpit anything about taking care of the earth.

Now I’m not talking about going to live in a commune and wear a loin-cloth while we hug a tree type stuff. But Christians should be leading the way in defending our planet. We make a big deal about how it is God’s creation and then treat it like it is our trash can.

I think that there are a ton of people who would see the church in a whole new way if it would begin to remember to take care of the earth more. I think that is something I am going to preach.

(As a side note: Baptist love to talk against alcohol and tobacco because it is bad for you, but I have never heard a sermon against cholesterol or fatty foods. Our bodies may be a temple, but we love our “fellowships” too much to talk about eating healthy) 

One thought on “Why aren’t our church parking lots covered in Hybrid cars?

  • June 21, 2006 at 1:24 PM

    I would bet the farm that you don’t listen to much George Carlin, and I haven’t either in the past several years. His stance on religion is downright ugly. However, on other topics, he does make some pretty valid points. (His take on golf comes to mind.)

    One argument that he used to make always stuck out in my mind. I realize that for the sake of us, our children, and grandchildren, that yes, we should conserve. But Carlin’s theory on the environment stemmed from the belief that the Earth has been here for quite some time, and has withstood quite a bit. It isn’t going anywhere. We, however, are going somewhere, if we continue to deplete natural resources that we’ve become dependent on, not to mention the ozone layer.

    So many of the tree-hugger-types that you mention tell us to preserve the planet, but more from the planet’s aspect. I can respect that, because the majority of it is a beautiful planet. (Although we could stand a little change of the landscape in a certain Middle Eastern section of it.) But they usually fail to mention the fact that if we continue to abuse like we have been, we won’t be around to enjoy it.


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