Why Online Gaming Sucks

I have decided to stop making this a youth worker website and instead become a place to talk about video games. So with that in mind I think that online gaming sucks and here is why: People have no lives.

That’s it that is the long and short of it people have waaaaaay too much time to waste playing video games. Take Gears of War for instance. It is a great game with some really cool co-op over the net options, but the game has been out for a grand total of 6 days and already when you try to hop online and play a game with people there are guys who know every nook and cranny of the map and where every special gun is hidden. Those of us who actually have a life can’t possibly compete. So what happens is that the game isn’t fun for us because every time we turn around someone is shooting us with an exploding crossbow so we stay off the game servers. So it basically becomes a ton of boys with no lives playing against each other.

And all of that would be cool if these guys weren’t totally jerks about everything. I guess because I have a family and a job that I love and have accomplished things that I am proud about I don’t feel the need to belittle people that I beat–especially people that I cream. I mean what is the point. I feel really sort of bad for these guys because you can read into much of their actions a life spent loosing at everything other than what happens when they are sitting in front of the TV. So when they can finally win at something they just don’t know how to respond.

So I think online gaming sucks. But I really not bitter about it I promise. There is no way that my feelings on this issue are clouded by my deep felt resentment of the fact that I actually used to be good at video games and now I just keep getting pwned.

To end on a more positive note when you aren’t just playing with random people but actually playing with friends online games can be fun. And the really neat thing about Gears of War is that I can invite someone to jump in and play with me wherever I am in my campaign. It is very cool.  

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